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Our publications are organised into a number of different series:

Early Childhood Matters
Our biannual journal, Early Childhood Matters, tackles contemporary themes in early childhood with contributions from both foundation-supported projects and outside experts from the fields of practice, policy and academia. Also published in Spanish as Espacio para la Infancia.

You can also read, discuss and share all the individual articles published in Early Childhood Matters using this website.

Early Childhood in Focus
Published in collaboration with the Open University, Early Childhood in Focus accessibly reviews the best and most recent research, information and analysis on key policy issues, offering clear messages for advocates. Also published in Spanish as La Primera Infancia en Perspectiva and in Dutch as Focus op de eerste kinderjaren.

Working Papers
Working Papers are think pieces aimed at contributing to a current debate, either looking at the work of foundation-supported projects or reviewing the state of academic and practical knowledge in a field more generally. Selected working papers are also published in Spanish.

Online Outreach Papers
Online Outreach Papers are published in pdf format only on our website. They provide information about current issues or foundation-supported projects considered likely to be of interest to a more limited audience.

Practice and Reflections
The Practice and Reflections series are occasional and in-depth looks at issues of importance to practitioners, policy makers and academics concerned with meeting the educational and development needs of disadvantaged children.

Books and Corporate Publications
We publish occasional books and monographs which are not part of any regular series, plus annual reports.

Research Reports
Research commissioned by the Bernard van Leer Foundation within the context of our country strategies.

Reports on events (co)organized or supported by the Bernard van Leer Foundation


Downloading, ordering and commenting on publications

Publications about early childhoodWe want to share our ideas as widely as possible. That’s why all our publications are available free of charge. You can download pdfs of each publication by clicking its “download” link in the publications catalogue on our corporate website, where you’ll find over 150 publications to browse through or search.

Most of our publications are also available to order, free of charge, in printed format. You can order up to five copies through this website. The limit of five is to keep our postage costs under control. If you’d like more copies, or to be added to our mailing list for future publications, please send us an email explaining your requirements.

Ordering printed copies is easy. Just use a publication’s “add to basket” link, and register your mailing address when prompted. It works like any online shopping site – except, of course, you don’t need to pay.

We’d love to hear what you think of our publications. Please use the “view/post comments” link on a publication to let us know.